PRF is used as a replacement material that comes from your own body (autologous) and that can promote tissue or bone regeneration in your mouth. It is a concentrate of your blood that is obtained by centrifugation. The concentrate is made up of a matrix rich in fibrin, platelets and various growth factors that promote healing of the area that is in need of repair. The advantage in using PRF is that you get tissue regeneration from your own body, the time for healing is significantly shortened, and the risk of complications is significantly reduced.

The use of PRF is indicated for all types of oral surgeries:

  • SOCKET PRESERVATION AFTER AN EXTRACTION: The PRF is used as a tissue matrix. After a tooth is removed and the sockets are properly cleaned of its periodontal ligaments, the PRF is packet tightly to fill the socket. This plug now acts as a provisional matrix packed with fibrin, growth factors, coagulation stimulators, and lerukocytes, that will accelerate and promote healing in that area. It has been documented that once the PRF is placed, the healing timetable has been accelerated from day#1 to day #4, the day of surgery. Pain and infections are also significantly reduced.
  • SOFT TISSUE MANAGEMENT: PRF is very beneficial and in periodontal (gum) surgeries for bone regeneration, remodeling, and for repairing gingival recession.
  • BONE GRAFT: One major advantage of PRF is that it is 100% biocompatible to your body, so your body fully recognizes it as it’s own. Instead of using bone grafts from cadaver bones, which may promote autoimmune reactions, the use of PRF can be used to build bone back for procedures such as implants, increasing ridges for better retention of dentures, as well as for promoting wound healing in tooth sockets.
  • GUIDED BONE REGENERATION: PRF can be used to cover bone and to improve the increased vascularization of both hard and soft tissues in your mouth.
  • COSMETIC TREATMENT OF THE SKIN: The injectable version of PRF (more liquid) can be used for muscle, tendon, and TJM joint disorders. It is also an advantage for cosmetic and regenerative treatments of the skin, and the corrective filling of scars, wrinkles, and skin ulcers.