For the patient who is overwhelmingly stressed about experiencing a dental procedure, we offer IV conscious sedation.

This is a minimally depressed level of consciousness is in a very relaxed, less anxious state, yet you are is still aware of your environment and respond to verbal stimuli. The end result is a positive, stress-free dental experience.

There are many other advantages to experiencing conscious sedation in dentistry:

  • The relaxed state of the patient promotes healing right from the start.
  • Multiple procedures can be performed at the same appointment, so dental visits are minimized.
  • IV conscious sedation is a safe mode of sedation with a short half-life so the drug is quickly eliminated from the body.
  • Conscious sedation is highly recommended in the Huggins Protocol for the proper and safe removal of mercury amalgam fillings, and/or for complete “Dental Revisions”, according to Dr. Hal Huggins.

Let us know if you would prefer to be sedated for your next dental procedure.