Holistic Treatment of Oral Cavitations

At Dental Health Connections, we take oral cavitations very seriously. Cavitations are pockets in the jaw bone that are left behind when teeth are extracted, knocked out, or removed for some other dental procedure. If these do not heal properly, they can become a breeding ground for bacteria and other toxins. Bacteria and bacterial toxins can then move from the cavitation into the blood stream, where they can cause ill health including damage to other organs and tissues.

Everyone knows what a cavity is, but cavitations are much less well known. Both words come from the same root word, “hole.” A cavity is a hole in the tooth, whereas, a cavitation is a hole in the bone that cannot be detected through visual inspection.

If you have recently had a tooth removed or believe that you may have an infected cavitation, give us a call today. Dr. Duteau is an experienced holistic dentist who has years of experience treating cavitations.